Friday, 13 June 2014

Damn Fine Custard

Long time no see!

     Just when you thought you'd seen the last of me, Terrifying Treats is back from the grave! I thought I'd bring things back to life by taking on that staple of English puddings: custard. Hopefully I won't turn you off of the stuff permanently. The gently cooked egg yolks give this custard its thick texture and creamy yellow colour. The fondant ear is adorned with a pearl earring painted with lustre dust (all edible). The strawberry coulis and simple syrup make this heavy pudding more seasonally appropriate.

Photo credits: Kelly Garsha

     These custard dishes were inspired by a scene from the movie Braindead (1992), one of Peter Jackson's pre-Lord of the Rings splatter films, released as Dead Alive in North America. This movie takes the concept of zombies and pushes it to its hilariously gory and ridiculously gross extremes. There's a reason George A. Romero listed it as one of his favourite zombie films. The setting is Wellington, New Zealand in 1957, and the zoo has just acquired a rare Sumatran rat-monkey. The flustered and endearing Lionel Cosgrove is taking his shrew of a mother to the zoo when she is bitten by the aforementioned rat-monkey. Shocked and distraught, she falls to pieces... literally. And then she starts to get a bit bitey. I'll leave a clip of the custard scene below, but beware: you may never want to eat custard again. 

"Damn fine custard! Rich and creamy, just the way I like it."

Want another dessert that plays an important role in a horror film? Be sure to check out Minnie Castevet's "chocolate mouse" from Rosemary's Baby.