Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gremlin Cookies

Meet Gizmo, the sweetest little mogwai of the bunch!

     For these, I used a basic sugar cookie recipe and cut out individual, mogwai-shaped cookies before baking. Coincidentally, a mogwai head is about the same shape as Yoda's head, so you could easily double up on your pop culture references in one batch. Here, I kept it (sort of) simple. The icing is a basic glaze made from icing sugar and milk. The consistency should be smooth but not runny. I used gel colouring to get the right shades and then I broke out my paintbrushes and got to work.

Plush Gizmo, for comparison.

Photo credits: Kelly Garsha

     These sweet little treats might not look very terrifying, but appearances can be deceiving. They hail from the classic Christmas movie that gave you nightmares as a child: Gremlins (1984). It's hard to see how anyone wouldn't want a mogwai for Christmas. They're only the cutest pets imaginable. They sing, they play games and they're fairly low-maintenance, too. You only need to follow three simple rules: 1. Keep them out of bright light, 2. Don't get them wet, and 3. Never, ever feed them after midnight. Remember, the last one is especially important.

Merry Christmas!

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