Monday, 5 August 2013

Madness in the Mouth

Some treats are just crazy good.

     These cinnamon sugar cookies are topped with homemade royal icing and decorated using my new Wilton food writers. I'd been seeing all these cute popcorn cupcakes online and wanted to try it out myself. This one is caramel-flavoured and topped with mini marshmallows painted with a bit of yellow food colouring. You can find the template I used here.

Photo credits: Kelly Garsha

     Together, the cookie and the cupcake are a reference to the end scene from one of John Carpenter's weirder films: In the \Mouth of Madness (1995). But first things first: the story. A talented insurance fraud investigator is looking into the disappearance of a celebrated horror fiction writer, Sutter Cane, who has vanished along with the manuscript for his latest book, In the Mouth of Madness. This leads him to a small, uncharted town in the middle of New Hampshire that looks alarmingly like the setting of Cane's book. But the landscape and architecture aren't the only things that seem familiar... And then some weird things happen.

     In this scene, Sam Neill is at the cinema watching the maddening film within the film, based on the book within the film, which tells the story of the film itself... I know. Anyway, he loses whatever marbles he may have had left.

"Do you read Sutter Cane?"

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