Monday, 14 January 2013

Excision Lungcakes

And now for something gross to test your appetite...

     The cupcakes are basic vanilla with buttercream. I loved practising the swirls with my new decorating tips. I made the "lungs" out of half-and-half (equal parts fondant and gum paste) coloured pink. I made the ridges of the trachea and the branches of the bronchi and bronchioles using a matching pink icing. I then splattered them with a mixture of strawberry jam and grenadine. I got the idea of the lungs from Zilly Rosen's awesome book Zombie Cupcakes.

Photo credits: Kelly Garsha

     These cupcakes were inspired by the seriously creepy film Excision (2012) from newcomer Richard Bates Jr. Excision tells the story of an utterly insane teenage girl who is obsessed with blood and dreams of becoming a surgeon. No one imagines how destructive her delusions would become.The awkward dark humour makes it feel a bit like Donnie Darko, and her disturbing (day)dream sequences feel very Cronenbergian. Overall, the whole thing is superbly acted. It's excellent, but a word of warning: It is a disgusting, nightmarish trip. 

...Something less disturbing next time, I promise!

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What other body parts should I make?


  1. Very well done! They look delicious.

  2. Awesome! If only I could taste them over the net.

  3. Great blog!! It needs a Facebook page ASAP, I want to like it! :)))


      Thanks for the advice; here it is!