Saturday, 27 April 2013

American Werewolf in London Cupcakes

Pupcakes, anyone?

     I first laid eyes on these lycanthropic cupcakes through Annie's Eats and knew I had to make them myself, in honour of my favourite werewolf movie. I try out different recipes all the time, and here I discovered a great one for dark chocolate cupcakes that I'll definitely be using again. The Underground sign is made from painted and coloured fondant with white icing piped on top. 

Photo credits: Kelly Garsha

     The things I could say about John Landis' An American Werewolf in London (1981)... It's charming from start to finish, and it succeeds in being both a comedy and a horror film while excelling at the former. The makeup and special effects are phenomenal and still renowned today. It's my favourite werewolf film and my second favourite horror-comedy after Shaun of the Dead (2004). It starts with two young American men who begin their Euro trip by hitch-hiking through the Yorkshire moors. So they're pretty much asking for what happens next. They get attacked and one of them, David, ends up in a hospital in central London, where he starts experiencing strange hallucinations and cravings for live deer. As the full moon approaches, David struggles to keep his animal instincts under wraps, but soon finds himself engaging in "carnivorous lunar activities"...

"I will not be threatened by a walking meatloaf!"

If, like me, you enjoy movies set in the 1980's that feature attractive, dark-haired young men overcome by their darker impulses after nightfall, you should check out this post I made for Donnie Darko.

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