Monday, 1 July 2013

Cronenberg Cookies

Happy Canada Day!

     I baked this batch of maple sugar cookies to celebrate Canada’s 146th birthday. Delicious maple goodness!

Photo credits: Kelly Garsha

In honour of the holiday, I decided to pay tribute to four amazing films from the great Canadian horror director David Cronenberg.

Shivers (1975), Cronenberg’s first feature, is a wonderfully strange sci-fi film that mixes sex and body horror. These parasitic worms infect their hosts in the most invasive ways possible. 

The similarly titled Scanners (1981) explores the world of telepathic and telekinetic individuals known as “scanners”. The exploding-head cookie seen here depicts a memorable moment from the film.

Videodrome (1983) tells the story of a TV station executive who discovers an eerie snuff program broadcast by a mysterious source. As he investigates further, he enters a world of increasingly violent and strange hallucinations. 

Finally, in The Fly (1986), quirky scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) attempts to solve the mystery of teleportation with tragic, metamorphic results. 

In conclusion, Canadians are weird. Let's celebrate!

"Be afraid... Be very afraid."

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